Cinfra Development provides global consultancy in Infrastructure, Construction, Concessions – PPP and Real Estate fields in Central and Eastern Europe, focusing on Business Development, Engineering, Contract Management, Project Management, Technical Expertise for claims, Risk Management – Loss Assessment, and M&A – Valuation of Companies and Investments.

We have the experience and expertise at every stage of the investment process: research of potential opportunities / partners, feasibility studies, preparation of materials for the European Union to raise funds, and implementation (Project and Contract Management)

We also offer Interim Management for a specific Project / Business for a limited time according to Client’s needs, through our Senior Project and Contract Managers, including Legal and Financial advice, with our Associates (Senior Experts) providing a global consultancy.


Cinfra Development has extensive experience in the following fields of activity


Our experienced and dedicated team can help you with the following services.


Cinfra Development has extensive experience on infrastructure and construction projects including buildings, roads, bridges, tunnels and airports.

Cinfra Development also collaborates on
Real Estate projects, providing assistance in valuation, feasibility, planning and construction management.


Cinfra Development has a multi-skilled, multi-national team which carries
formidable experience gained in many environments


Managing Partner

MSc Civil Engineer (ICCP) and Senior Management Program by IE Business School. Jose Alejandro got also Postgraduate in Private Equity (Bocconi School of Management) and Finance & International Operations (ICEX-CECO).

Jose Alejandro has been involved in Infrastructure /Construction over 20 years in different markets as Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Bulgaria, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Poland and Romania, mostly in multinational Main Contractors, in various positions including Project Manager, Country Manager, and Director for Eastern Europe;  developing emblematic projects related to Motorways, bridges, Railways, Tunnels, Buildings, Airports, Wind farms,.. for Public and Private clients, EU Funds, Multilateral Institutions (European Funds, BEI, World Bank,..)

In the last 8 years Managing as General Director & Administrator of several Companies / Branches  in Eastern Europe, dealing with Business Development and  implementation of  complex projects with  multicultural teams.  He has developed skills as Investment analyses, Strategic alliances and  Positioning, Negotiation, Institutional relationships, Team motivation and  problem solving.


Senior Consultant / Manager Serbian Branch

Bachelor Degree and MSc Economics (Belgrade University). Certified in internal audit, Bankruptcy Management and Corporate Reorganization.

Dedicated professional with more than 15 years of experience in the financial sector in Banks as Volksbank, Société Générale, BNP Paribas, International Business and Public Administration (Ministry of Trade – Serbia) and working as Head of Economic and Trade Office of Serbian Embassy in Bucharest for several
years. Familiar with the global financial and business practices, as well as the local economic trends and
environment in Central-Eastern Europe. Experienced in supervising various business functions
and projects.
In the last years as Coordinator of the National body for Trade Facilitation (Ministry of Trade of Serbia)
– coordinating activity of state institutions and other organizations (USAID, foreign investors council,
Chamber of Commerce) collaborating with government agencies, municipalities and private enterprises in
the implementation of foreign trade development projects in Serbia.
Dusan has developed skills as Project Finance, Economic Analysis, Investments, Risk Management, Project
Management and Marketing.


Senior Project Manager

MsC Civil Engineer and Postgraduate in Project Management and Construction Works Administration (Catalonia Polytechnic Foundation, Barcelona).

Project Management Consultant with 15+ years of experience working in the construction industry in top multinational companies like Acciona, Ineco, Copisa and Azvi in different emblematic Infrastructure projects as High-Speed Railway (Madrid-Barcelona), Barcelona Subway as well as Commercial Real Estate Projects.

Specialized in cost and schedule management of construction projects, I am passionate about the importance of effective communication and team motivation in projects, convinced that a positive attitude can change the outcome of a project. Interested in working with individuals and organizations that foster innovation and getting involved in projects that can make a difference and generate a positive impact in our communities especially by introducing greener construction methods.


Senior Project Manager

Civil Engineer, Authorized Diriginte de Santier and HSE inspector. Skilled in Quality Control, Project Management, Planning, Cost control and Design Optimization.

Experienced Senior Engineer & Inspector with more than 10 years working in Civil Engineering industry: Energy projects, Buildings, Highways, Earthworks, Steel Structures in relevant and complex projects as: Combined Cycle Power Plant (860 MW Brazi Romania Client: OMV- Petrom Budget: 500 M €), Wind Farm for ENEL (50 wind turbines Siemens SWT 2.3 MW), DN76 Road (European Investment Bank), Real Estate Developments in Romania with more than 20.000 M2 built for clients as Granvia and Hanner RD.

Catalin has developed skills as Team Leader, problems solving, hard-working under demanding projects, and relationship with stakeholders.


Business Developer Specialist / Project Manager

Diplomat Engineer and Postgraduate Project Management (Soft Skills Training). Skilled in Project Management, Business Development, Logistics, Purchasing, Planning, Coordination of sales team, Manufacturing process experience

With over 15 years of professional experience in Business Development and Project Management, Daniel has managed to develop and implement numerous projects in different fields: wind and solar energy, oil and gas, education, highways, construction in Romania and industrial construction in Germany. Each project had a unique characteristic and represented a challenge from various points of view. As a business developer, Daniel managed to conclude exclusive contracts like the main service provider, for the clients with whom he developed projects


Risk Accountant / Loss Assessor

Civil Engineer and Authorized Loss Adjuster/ Evaluator by ANEVAR (Romania).

Ovidiu has over 23 years of experience as Risk Manager/ Loss Adjuster / Claim Manager working for insurance companies like Generali, Omniasig, Uniqa as Director Risk/Claims Department, and taking part in the evaluation of risks and claims in many projects of Infrastructure, Industrial sites and Buildings, evaluating claims related to land slide, geotechnical problems, differential seating, floods, unforeseen weather conditions, collapsed structures, deformations, fires, explosions.

In the field of Risk Management/ Loss Adjustment, Ovidiu has successfully participated in many important Claims/Damages as Railway Bucuresti – Constanta, Railway jud. Cluj, Floods Bridge Putna, Floods at City Dorohoi, Motorway Timisoara – Arad, Motorway Bucuresti – Constanta, Sea shore piers Black Sea Constanta, Harbour Crane damages at Constanta and Mangalia

Ovidiu has great experience collaborating and negotiating and closing deals with Insurance Companies, Brokers and Main Contractors and has developed skills as business multicultural negotiation, mediation, leadership and resilience.


Risk Consultant / Loss Assessor

Civil Engineer and Authorized Loss Adjuster/ Evaluator by ANEVAR (Romania).

Claudiu has over 15 years of experience as Loss Adjuster / Quantity Surveyor/ Claim Manager working for insurance companies like Asirag, Omniasig, Uniqa as Risk Manager/ Claims Department, and taking part in the evaluation of risks and claims in many projects of Infrastructure, Industrial sites and Buildings, evaluating claims related to landslides, geotechnical problems, differential seating, floods, unforeseen weather conditions, collapsed structures, deformations, fires, explosions.

In the field of Risk Management/ Loss Adjustment, Claudiu has successfully participated in many important Claims/ Damages as Railway Bucuresti – Constanta, Railway jud. Cluj, Sea shore piers Black Sea Constanta, Harbor Crane damages at Constanta and Mangalia, fire at Mall, Fire at telecommunication systems Timisoara, claims based on manufacturer liability.

Claudiu has great experience negotiating and closing deals with Insurance Companies, Brokers and Main
Contractors and has developed skills for Quantity Surveying, Claim estimation, negotiation and mediation.


Administrative & Financial Manager

Nicoleta has a Bachelor´s degree in Economics, and Master in Banking & Insurance by University of Economics (Bucharest), having an extensive experience as Administrative and Financial Manager with companies from different sectors as Construction, and Retail.

In addition, Nicoleta has experience as Auditor in a Tax Consulting Company during several years.

Extensive experience with Project Financing, Bank relationship, Controlling, Accounting, Taxes, Cash Forecast models, Stakeholders Reporting and Human Resources management.

She has developed important skills such as problems solving, team work, Institutional relationship, and multi-tasking.



Cinfra Developments team is very active and takes part in Seminars and Events related to Infrastructure, Real Estate and Investments in Eastern Europe.

Some of the last Seminars where our team took part as speaker:

Seminar: Working abroad for young Civil Engineers. Opportunities and challenges in Europe

New Framework: Public Procurement and new contract BEI – Romania

Current and future opportunities in the Water Sector in Romania

Also, through the Chamber of Commerce, we take part in the Task Force Infrastructure “Coalitie pentru Dezvoltare, Romania” discussing at a high level the main concerns and better potential solutions to improve the Infrastructure development.

Below you can browse and download our brochures:

Company Presentation

A general brochure describing Cinfra Development, who we are and what we do.

Loss Assessment

A focussed description of the Loss Assessment services we provide.

Project Management

A more detailed description of Cinfra Development's Project Management services.

Third Party Funding in Arbitration

A more detailed description of Cinfra Development's services for Third Party Funding in Arbitration.

More to come…

Below you can see news items of interest and events Cinfra Development has participated in:



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